Recycled Sewing Craft! Turn $1 Store Sock Into A Stuffed Animal!

Here at Cupcakes and Lace we love to recycle, re-use and invent new crafting projects using everyday materials!

At one of our recent Halloween themed sewing classes in Northern Virginia, we taught the girls how to make the cutest monster stuffed animals!  We purchases assorted size socks from the $1 Spot at www.cupcakesandlace.comTarget (or you can go to the Dollar Tree or any doll store!).  For the baby Frankenstein we used the 0-3 month old sock and cut the bottom off.  The girls then sewed up the bottom, stuffed it with pillow stuffing (you can find at the fabric store) and then sewed up the top!  We then gave them tons of fun embellishments to decorate.

If you want to skip the sewing part (maybe you have very young kiddos!) then grab a glue gun and let the kids do the stuffing and decorating while you do the glue gun.

If you are a Girl Scout leader looking for a fun and inexpensive www.cupcakesandlace.comtroop activity this is the perfect craft!  Maybe you are a teacher in need of a fun sewing activity!   These sock stuffed creatures make great birthday party crafts or after school activities.  Also remember you can really make these for any season or theme…not just for Halloween!

Hey!  If you want to learn to sew but don’t live in our area, check out our Lucy the Alien Sewing Kit!  She is perfect for this time of year and once you sew her you can craft her spaceship too.






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