DIY Kids Bird Crafts! Girl Scout Feathered Friends Brownie Badge/Water Journey Ideas

In one of our recent badge workshops for Girl Scouts  we celebrated birds by making crafts, learning about bird calls and habitats and so much more!

In this workshop we taught the Brownies how to earn their Feathered Friends badge.  This is a fun ‘council-own’ badge from the GS Wisconsin Badgerland council.   You can also tie these bird activities in with one of the new Girl Scout journeys-for example the Wonder of Water journey.






If you are a Girl Scout leader, school teacher or mom in need of a fun bird craft or activity for kids below are some ideas.

  1. Teach the kids about a bird habitat   Then create a bird house or paint one (you can buy mini wooden bird houses at craft store or Dollar Tree for $1-$2 each.  You can also buy mini paint pods for a $1 each at the Dollar Tree).
  2. Teach the kids about birds and how they lay eggs.  Use Crayola clay magic to create a mini www.cupcakesandlace.combirds nest.  You can always create the mommy bird with the clay magic…just like we did.  We used clay magic, googley eyes, pipe cleaners for legs, paper for beak, craft feathers and tacky glue to create mini eggs, baby birds and a mommy bird!  We also found the pretend craft moss from Dollar Tree or craft store and it looks like a nest with twigs!
  3. Create a bird collage-print out colored pictures from clip art or just by googling different types of birds.  OR you can cut/paste pictures from bird magazines.  Use fun stickers, paper borders, glitter paints and more.


www.cupcakesandlace.comP.S.  If you are a Girl Scout leader or school teacher and want a fun troop meeting or after school activity we have patch kits!  These kits are complete with easy requirements, supply lists, pictures, activities and even come with the fun patch the girls can put on the back of their vest!  Check out our patch kits HERE!






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