Turn a $1 Store “Barbie” into a cute Native American Barbie! Craft Ideas for Girl Scout Badges!

Cupcakes and Lace / craft & sewing blog / patch kits for Girl Scouts/ www.cupcakesandlace.comIn one of our recent Girl Scout Badge Workshops here in Chantilly, Virginia we helped the Brownies earn their super fun retro Indian Lore badge!

Since we stocked up on some of the really unique ‘council own’ badges before the GSUSA badge we decided to have a “Pioneers and Native American Day”!  The first workshop was Indian Lore and the second was Little House on the Prairie.

These Indian Lore badges are from Virginia Skyline but are no longer being produced.

However, here are some ideas of how you could use this craft for your troop:

Cupcakes and Lace / craft & sewing blog / patch kits for Girl Scouts/ www.cupcakesandlace.comWe discovered some “Barbie” look a like dolls at Dollar Tree and found these 69 cent Indian doll outfitsCupcakes and Lace / craft & sewing blog / patch kits for Girl Scouts/ at a discount shop in Wisconsin (Devon visits her Grandmother in Wisconsin every summer and  always comes across some fun thrift shop finds!).  These Indian doll outfits were to big for the Barbie size and to small for the American Girl 18” size.  So we decided to use just the vest and belt!  It was the perfect size for  a mini dress with a belt.  The little shoes actually made great boots for the doll with a string tied to the ankles.  then we had the girls make a beaded necklace for the doll.

After the girls completed the doll they crafted up a mini Teepee, and made a Indian headress.  It was a great day full of crafting and learning!

P.S.  Are you a leader looking for more fun activities for your troop?  We offer patch kit programs!  Check them out HERE!




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